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Weekday Special Prices

Great Savings On Weekday Ramp Bookings

Why not Book a weekday Ramp with us from Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm ….and save even MORE money?

You can now book one of our Vehicle Ramps for ONLY £10.00 per hour

This will include the FREE use of all basic tooling

If you want an additional ramp then the cost is ONLY £7.50 per hour, saving another 25%

So during the week Monday to Friday, any 2 hour ramp rental costs you ONLY £17.50

Views of the Lift Off Ramp Workshop

Specialist Garage Equipment Available

Tyre changing balancing including valve & weights

We offer tyre changing balancing including valve & weights.

Engine diagnostics code reader

We can provide a engine diagnostics code reader.

Cranes, jacks, spring compressor etc

For a full car service our garage is fully equipped with jacks, cranes and spring compressor.

Specialist tools (torque wrench, brake tooling etc)

Our garage is equipped with all the tools you need for vehicle repairs.

Waste oil/fluid disposal

We can remove excess oil and fluids from your vehicle.

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